Chanukah Greed…alive and well in our house

December 2, 2011

What happens when you take two kids and you make them the only grandchildren on both sides…SPOILED ROTTEN! Clearly the grandparents aren’t the only ones to blame. My children want for nothing. I’ve been told that a little someone who I know very well was similar at their ages but I’m watching them turn into these greedy little people right before my eyes.

And although there is a large message during this holiday season of lending a helping hand, helping those less fortunate, etc etc, the message my kids are learning in that from Thanksgiving until January there is a constant NEED for presents.

First is the Thanksgiving Chanukah party while certain family members are in town. Then comes the early December Chanukah party before the snowbirds fly south. Then there are the respective family Chanukah parties for the several families we are a part of. So my kids that do not participate in Christmas are definitely not slighted during this Christmas season.

How do I, as their parent and teacher of good values, help them to understand how blessed and fortunate they are? How do I help them to understand that there’s a whole world of people that are not inundated with new toys for over a month spread? How do I help them to realize that visiting with friends and family is a nice without that friend or family member coming with a present?

I act so innocent about this. How could my wonderful children become so greedy…because of me! I place a great deal on nice things and the way to my heart is definitely through a nicely wrapped gift. With maturity though, I have learned that there is so much more than things (and am still working on some of that). But I also encourage the problem, making suggestions to grandparents of things they would enjoy. Not to mention all the times I casually pick something up for them because I know they will love it. I, by no means, am innocent.

With a new house and a trip to Disney World all sandwiched between a million Chanukah parties, how do I keep us grounded? How do I keep us from the major depression of January when all we are left with is cold winter? And mostly how do I deal with children who demand presents from the cable guy when he comes in to fix a tv?

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