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October 31, 2011

Woman runs a marathon and gives birth to her second child right after completion of the race. At this point that is practically old news but I keep thinking about that lady. And apparently there are quite a few other ladies that have conquered the same quest.

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One of my closest friends completed the marathon a couple of years ago. She is a young, vibrant, in shape person and it was quite a feat to watch her be able to do it. I admire anyone who dedicates themselves to a goal and sees that through. I, however, find spending 4 plus hours doing anything (especially exercise) to be so extreme. After running 6 miles, I’m so bored and anxious to be done that I can’t even wrap my head around running 6 miles, practically four times in a row!

Now add in the fact that this lady was 38 weeks pregnant, unbelievable! For those of you who have never experienced pregnancy, tying your shoes is trying at 38 weeks let alone moving your body for 6 plus hours (as was her time). I’m not sure if it was dedication, tenacity, stubbornness or stupidity that allowed her to cross the finish line.

For my first pregnancy I exercised until I was about seven months pregnant. I did it all very begrudgingly because I felt exhausted, and uncomfortable pretty early on. For my second pregnancy I exercised until a couple of weeks before I delivered. I found it much easier for me to sleep at night if I had worked out. Plus I was much more conscious about my weight gain since I knew what a challenge it is to take it off.

I never, however, ran a marathon or even felt compelled to exercise for more than an hour while I was pregnant (or even now for that matter). I am really torn if I should feel respect for this lady or be disgusted. Seeing as the baby is healthy, she had previously run 7 other marathons and was seeing a doctor regarding this endeavor, I think I’m going to salute her. I think my disgust is really jealousy because I could never perform like that not pregnant, let alone pregnant.

3 thoughts on “Marathon Mom

  1. I think this goes along with “knowing your body.” Although my major question was…when did she have the TIME to train?

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