November 1, 2011

Previous to having kids, my life was defined by my accomplishments. The stage at which my life was at dictated everything I did and every way I thought. Now my life is so wrapped up in what my kids are doing. Almost to a fault…

There is a substantial self motivation in the enjoyment I get from my kids. I’m not completely wrapped up in them because I am so self-less that I can’t help but engulf myself in “kiddo world.” I’m engrossed in this life because of the thrill it gives me. And as much as I complain about the frustration and exhaustion of being a parent, I’m exhilarated by everything my children give me.

Halloween was, of course, no exception to all of this. Last year I blogged about what a joy Halloween has become because of my kids (you can read about that here). And although Halloween was special last year, it was even more incredible this year. And I know for the next few years it will probably continue on that uphill slope until my kids want their own lives and identities and leave me in their dust. So because this feeling is so fleeting, I’m going to take the time in bask in it.

Drew is at that age where life is exciting. Friday we had his school party. He woke up bright and early with a buzz of anticipation that words cannot properly describe. For the next four days to follow there were events that required him to re-wear his costume. I think the kid would happily wear that costume for the rest of his life. He participated in all the events with such a fresh happiness that only a young child could have. He wasn’t “too cool” for anything and everything was so exciting in a way that was all new.

Gabby is coming into her own as a person in a way that Drew never did because he never had an older sibling to mock. When Drew was Gabby’s age we dragged him house to house trick or treating. The activity never really took on. For Gabby, however, she was so eager to say trick or trick in her own sort of mumble jumble of vocal in fluctuations. For Gabby, the ears she had to wear were annoying but she was anxious to keep them on because she saw Drew so comfortably flaunting his costume. It was exciting experiencing her as a whole new person.

Words will never properly describe the feelings I have coming off of Halloween 2011. My kids have become real kids right in front of my eyes. They are little people that have nothing but happiness and excitement for everything that Halloween represents. I’m not sure it will ever be as pure as it was this year. But there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be special in its own right. And I just can’t wait to go along for the ride.

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