Sooooo Uncool

September 27, 2011

There was a pivotal moment in my youth when I realized the art of being cool, or not so cool as the case may be. I was in the gymnasium at school and some “kiddy” concert was going on. I was probably in fourth or fifth grade. The performer told us to tap on our heads. As I was tapping I caught eyes with another girl who was not participating out of utter coolness. That moment was when I learned the art of being “too cool for school.” I’m not sure I ever mastered it but continued to try.

Having kids, in some ways, lets you go back to the way you were before coolness was factored in. Of course I clearly recognize the fact that there will be a day in the not too distant future where I may never be cool again in the eyes of my kids, but right now I can totally embrace it.

Being crazy, acting silly and going nuts is preferred where kids are concerned. And the more you engage in any of those activities, the more they love it. Today was Stories and Motion or something like that at the library. At first Drew was having a slight “too cool for school” moment, but the wonderful thing about being three is that he was easily shaken from that attitude.

And of course it really helps having a one year old sister that thinks things as simple as her hands are the coolest things she’s ever seen. It’s a wonder I get so excited when I get her giggling, she happens to be an easy crowd to win over. The only issue with Gabby is that she’s so independent that she leaves me wiggling and singing by myself. I’m not sure anyone appreciates the weird thirty year old that is as into the music as the three year olds. Why do I suddenly feel back in my middle school tapping on my head?

I’m grateful for my kids for so many reasons. The reason today I’d like to recognize is that they bring back the kid in me that’s ok with not being cool. They turn me into a kid that doesn’t even know what cool means. And I’m sorta liking myself like this.

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