She’s got a way about her…

September 30, 2011

Women learn at a very early age the power of a flirt. They pick up on how charming it can be to be coy. Women learn how to properly handle men by throwing a cute, tenderness their way. Gabby has mastered the art of flirting.

At first I suspected that it was normal, cute baby behavior. But one by one, men are falling victim to her adorable flirting charm. And at times it seems like she picks the ones with the hardest shells to crack. Like she anticipates it being more of a challenge so she steps up her game and takes tremendous pride in winning them over.

She is a good natured child who is overall very happy. One might think that this is just evidence that this is her normal behavior. Others would find the number of people, specifically men, that fall for her coy smiles, girlish giggles, and cute waves to be astounding.

I have always embraced my abilities to get what I want out of life – be it negotiation skills, strategic sales abilities or master manipulation methods. Most of the time I consciously know what I am doing. If there has been something I wanted/needed and I was usually willing to do what it took to get it.

Gabby, on the other hand, has an approach that could not be premeditated…or could it? Gabby has an innocent technique to getting even the coldest of men to fall in love with her…it is innocent, right? Gabby has all different types of people eating out of the palm of her hand. How does she do it?

I don’t think in good fairness I can really say she got this from me. She has mastered flirting in a way that is completely unteachable. And I’m thinking that I may have unconsciously fallen for it a time or two myself. Really no one is safe with a fifteen month seductress out there running the streets, and boy is she running these days!

6 thoughts on “She’s got a way about her…

  1. I thought it was just me. Now u tell me that others are also the object of her flirtation. I am crushed. Crushed Poppy

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