Post Vaca Wrap Up

August 22, 2011

Disclaimer: We really enjoyed our trip.

Things I learned during our summer vacation…

-As many toys as you bring to occupy a 1 year old, they are still going to want to play with the expensive vase, the power outlets and dog’s water bowl. Just accept it and don’t shlep the countless age appropriate toys.

-Picking fruit (i.e. blueberry and peach picking) to children under the age of four is really an “all you can eat” buffet. Beware of the diapers to come with too much blueberry consumption.
-Night #1 of sleeping four people in one room means nobody sleeps, night #2 everyone sleeps out of utter exhaustion.

-Bringing books (yes, not just one) in hopes of catching up on some adult fiction is a futile effort. After you finally get children to go to sleep in an unusual place, it is so late that you just want to crash.
-A beach vacation doesn’t necessarily mean spending long amounts of time relaxing at a beach. It really just means sand in everything you brought along to the vacation regardless of if it actually made it to the beach.

-Cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, and washing clothes in a vacation house is no more relaxing than those same tasks in your normal house.
-If you actually achieved relaxation with two children under the age of four, it is all completely undone in the unpacking efforts which require at least three days of post unpacking unwinding.
-If you thought that the frequent trips to the wonderful out of town fruit market would help your grocery situation when you came home, you were sadly mistaken when you realize you have nothing else in your refrigerator and a tomato, cucumber and countless peaches and blueberries won’t feed a family of four.

-I now clearly have a breaking point of three temper tantrums within a four hour span. If it turns into four, I’m ultimately the one who needs a time out.
-Hiking the dunes could be fun and a good workout unless you are carrying a twenty pound baby in which case it becomes miserable and crippling.
-Even the most fun family vacation can make you rethink your choice to become a stay at home mom.

Please refer to the aforementioned disclaimer.

4 thoughts on “Post Vaca Wrap Up

  1. It sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation!
    Pics are great though. Kids are as beautiful as ever!

  2. So true on all accounts. Luckily my kids are a little bigger than yours, so there was no carrying of toddlers through the dunes. I did find out that sitting on the slope of a sand dune and low rise capris are not a good combination. Lets just say that my shoes weren’t the only thing I had to try to get the sand out of…

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