Evolution of Anniversaries

August 20, 2011

Anniversaries are a time to remember where you started, where you’ve come and what your plans are for the future. It’s a time during all the chaos to stop and appreciate that you have each other. Blah, blah, blah.

This Sunday Adam and I will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary. We have spent years going special places, doing cool things and experiencing different locations to celebrate (including the six years before we got married).

This year we are going out for dinner. Insert the oooohs and ahhhs here. I realize this may sound lame to many of you but let me just tell you how very excited I am for this evening just the two of us. Yes we have downsized this whole anniversary thing quite a bit but in some ways it is more exciting than ever before.

I’m sure to my readers that don’t have children it may be hard to understand why an in town dinner could be so exciting but once you have kids you will see. For the last four months, anytime we had a babysitter it was for our countless social occasions that required us to come kid-less. This is the first time, in too long to say, that we are going to have a meal by ourselves without cutting anyone else’s food, reprimanding a little being from running around the table in circles or picking up a spoon off the ground just for it be thrown back down.

Adam and I work very hard to reconnect in different ways during the madness of our life. Unfortunately spending time together that isn’t at home in front of True Blood, the computer, a basket full of laundry or snoozing, is a hot commodity.

And although in the past we spent occasions such as this at bed and breakfasts, cruising some new cool city or going winery hopping, I couldn’t be more happy to celebrate our six years of marriage at a local restaurant and spending the time together just the two of us. Don’t worry, the madness will be here waiting for us when we return!

3 thoughts on “Evolution of Anniversaries

  1. I would go even farther than the mom who gave her child hot sauce etc. I would kiss his nose until he hollered for mercy. DOGD

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