How do you clean your wood floors?

July 21, 2011

Sounds pretty basic but it’s something I have been struggling with. We added wood floors to our main level six months ago. And although I love the look of them, they are impossible to keep clean.

Salesperson suggested “Pledge Floor Care 4-in-1” which seemed to do a decent job if you spread it around well enough but the spout doesn’t spray enough. And unless you are on your hands and knees with rags, it doesn’t spread well and frequently ends up streaky. Not to mention, I end up using the whole bottle in like four uses $$$

Someone told me they use the “Bona” system. I like that the most. The solution sprays which is great for coverage for a quick clean up but I’m not sure it gets the deep down dirt as well. I bought the mop system too. The dusting pad doesn’t dust well enough and the mop is decent although not exceptional. Both “heads” are machine washable, which is great! Biggest downfall is that I have a hard time finding the solution. It’s at the grocery store but 1.5 times the price of other places but not always at the same distributors (one Walmart has it but the other doesn’t).

Lastly I got Orange Glo spray out of sheer desperation because we were completely out and I found it at Target and it was relatively economical. It was so streaky that my floor looked horrible.

Do you use sweep vacs or just sweep with an old fashioned broom?

One thought on “How do you clean your wood floors?

  1. I use a Haan to steam clean and sanitize the floor. It’s awesome! They have one now that also vacuums. Or you can sweep/vacuum before using the Haan.

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