Moving on up…at what cost?

July 21, 2011

The inner conflict with my dream to move continues. As some of you may remember, a year ago we had our house on the market with little success. As the summer continues, we are loving our community pool and living close to almost everything we could ever want. However, the frustration over not having a yard continues.

In keeping tabs on the market place we have noted that there are very few homes in our subdivision on the market. Previously it was a non-stop bidding war over who could go lower. We continued to stay at the lowest point and had a lot of traffic but never any valuable offers. Now that there isn’t much competition, it has gotten the wheels turning again.

One thought is that most homeowners in our subdivision are unwilling to go as low as it may take to get rid of their place. And although we are definitely in no means to give away our house, it might be worthwhile to use everything we got just to unload it and work towards more. Perhaps even spend the next couple years renting in order to save for a purchase.

And of course the aggravation over being in that position continues to fester. We would have been better off six years ago (when we bought the place and told ourselves that we’d live here three years tops) to have continued to rent than have to pay a boatload just to get rid of it.

Our place really is great and suits are needs pretty well for the time being. And we are always so anxious for the next step that we sometimes get ahead of ourselves. That being said, how do you stay ambitious and work towards the future without being too reckless and impatient? It’s a thin line…

4 thoughts on “Moving on up…at what cost?

  1. You are so right…we sometimes want things too fast….I think our society is making us think that we always have to get to a next level..but trully who said that this is what makes peole trully happy. The hardest thing is to be able to think on your own and not to get wrapped up in what is expected. Good luck !

    • So true. That same thought process that keeps us needing the next step also keeps us motivated to work harder. I think it’s good to be ambitious but we have to make sure to keep our priorities straight while striving for more 🙂

  2. It was really nice meeting you yesterday at the Goldstein wedding! 🙂 I decided to come check out your blog since you mentioned it yesterday!

    I totally know what you mean about the housing market frustration. My best friend is in a similar, only worse, situation in which they most likely will not be able to move pretty much indefinitely! They lost that much on their house when the market crashed. They are actually going to have to rent out their home for a year minimum before the banks will approve a second mortgage so they can get another house. In the meantime, they will rent while they work towards the year of renting their own house. What a mess!

    We would like to move at some point, too, but if we sold now, we would not even break even. This market is so frustrating. But, we have to count our blessings… our house is nice and our yard is enormous, so it could be worse.

    I hope things end up working out for you. Where will you be moving? Local or out of state?


    • Thanks so much for your thoughts, Michelle. We would like to stay local, we really want a yard like yours! We have a nice size townhouse but we are outgrowing it.

      You are so right, though, we need to count our blessings. How can anyone feel disappointed with their life when they have two amazing (or three in your case) little rugrats lighting up their house (even if it is a house you were only supposed to live in 2-3 yrs and are in 6 yrs!!!).

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