Oh the pets…

July 20, 2011

As I attempt to write this blog, I have my cat of seven years laying across my arm. He is honestly the sweetest, most loving, more dog-like cat around. He has so much to offer, yet it’s hard for us to appreciate it.

When we first got Clark I had just gotten my first apartment on my own living in the city. Although Adam spent a great deal of time visiting me, I was looking for companionship and a cat seemed like a good way to get it. He was some guy’s pet who was engaged to some girl who didn’t want his cat. I took him without even meeting the cat.

He is such a great cat that it didn’t take long for the love affair to start. The thing about Clark, though, is that he is pushy. When he wants loving, look out! It was fine when our world essentially revolved around him but over time it has gotten to be a bit much.

Then came the addition after we got married, we added Wrigley (dog) to the mix. Wrigley has been a pain in the butt since day one, yet loving and sweet to us. He has severe anxiety, yes a dog can have anxiety. He’s a little sh*t with a whole lot of bite, and yes I really mean bite. But of course, we fell for him too.

Now five years, two kids later, our pets are just a nuisance. I feel guilty even saying it because at one point they meant so much to us. Plus, they really are little guys that just want love and attention. But I have three other people in this house that want love and attention too and they mean a whole heck of a lot more.

Lesson here, when you are young and unattached and looking for pets to fill in the void…maybe wait a couple years until the kids come because you may feel differently. With that being said, I still love my little pains in the neck and I’m sure I’ll get around to touching/playing with them in a couple of days once I’ve conquered all the other tasks around the house!

4 thoughts on “Oh the pets…

  1. Don’t forget, dogs can be helpful in child rearing! They yap when kids fight, and so the kids fight less. You’ll see the fruits as soon as your kids are both old enough fight more.

    • So what you are telling me is that I will appreciate having a dog around the time that there is even more chaos in my life? Something to look forward to 🙂

  2. Seriously, I was just having this exact conversation with my parents. They were over for a visit and we all agreed how sad my dog looked. He still gets attention, but it is not the same kind that he used to get. You know, the kind that really belongs to a child, the kind of attention that all pets get before their human sibling enters the world. At least he made the cut. His brother, unfortunately, found a new home with lots of room to run and lots of dogs to play with. I like to believe the split was mutual.

    • Every time one of our parents comments on the lack of attention our pets get, I remind them that they are welcome to take our pets home with them. Our parents always leave empty handed. So I guess this is their destiny now as sad as it is. Maybe when we are empty-nesters we’ll be able to give pets the attention they deserve. Thanks for commenting Jadie!

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