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Child-Free Dining

August 1, 2011

Recently people have been blogging, discussing and arguing the topic of having child-free restaurants. I caught up on the issue here… As a parent you can’t help but feel slightly put off by the idea of your children being forbid to dine somewhere. Recently on a trip to the city, we took the train. Immediately after we sat down […]

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Xanax Please

July 25, 2011

Recently a local child died in a tragic accident at his overnight camp. The first thought that came to mind was that my kids are never going to overnight camp. I must keep a close eye on my children at all times. At first, the thought of my kids being under my supervision as much of the time as possible […]

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You are perfect just the way you are!

July 18, 2011

I recently starting thinking about what it takes to raise a well-adjusted girl, on the heels of celebrating Gabby’s new found love for food. Boys have their challenges, don’t get me wrong, but everyone knows that raising girls comes with an emotional hormonal roller coaster where mothers frequently can’t do anything right. I was reading an article this morning… […]

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Who Cares?

July 12, 2011

For the last few years, every time anyone breathed a word of Casey Anthony, Caylee or anything along those lines, I wanted to run the other way. And fortunately as years of the trial carried on, I was able to stick my head in the sand. In recent weeks, it’s become impossible to ignore. Every channel you turn to is […]

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