Child-Free Dining

August 1, 2011

Recently people have been blogging, discussing and arguing the topic of having child-free restaurants. I caught up on the issue here…

As a parent you can’t help but feel slightly put off by the idea of your children being forbid to dine somewhere. Recently on a trip to the city, we took the train. Immediately after we sat down in a car, a lady picked up and relocated to another car. At first I was offended but then I started to think.

Generally speaking, I don’t want to take my kids to a fancy restaurant. Why? It’s much more comfortable for them (and me) when there are things that interest them. Balloons, games, kids menus are all things that make dining out just a little more bearable.

I would prefer to be around people that are gushing over my rambunctious kids rather than annoyed by their shenanigans. It makes it more comfortable for me to know that my kids aren’t driving everyone up the wall…of course there’s nothing I really can do about the fact that they are driving me up the wall!

Then there’s the issue of the evenings I get a babysitter and try to go out and be a real adult. I don’t want screaming children around me, I’m trying to escape that!

People were commenting that they should stop dining at child-free establishments to demonstrate their distaste for child-free dining. I, on the other hand, would like to raise a glass to this idea. This way my children can terrorize the kid-friendly restaurants and I can relax on a date with my husband without kids. Let’s toast to child-free dining!

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