Four Eyes

November 7, 2016

You may or may not have seen my daughter sporting a new pair of spectacles. The real spectacle is the sight of a 6 year old wearing FAKE glasses. And maybe worse is the fact that she is playing it off that these glasses are in fact real. I think it’s time to engage some professionals since I feel that I’m ill equipped for properly handling my child given the current predicament.

Gabby, my middle child and only girl, is in desperate need of attention every minute of every day. To be fair with her, I was pretty obsessed with getting my eldest on the straight and narrow for a long time. She often got sidelined for managing Drew’s difficult behavior.

Then there happened to be a really adorable toddler around town. I was instantly pulled into paying attention to my growing and changing child. As a result, there seems to be no amount of attention that is sufficient for my girl.


I’m in this crazy world of boys all the time and I love having a good old fashioned dance party, makeover and doll day. It is heart breaking that she struggles as much as she does and I cannot give her nearly enough of what she wants and needs.

So I’m not a detective or anything but… there’s a significant possibility that she likes wearing glasses because we coincidentally just finished a book about a girl who sees fairies when she wears her glasses. Frankly, I wanted to get a pair thinking that there might be a chance of seeing a fairy!

The disturbing part is that she’s pretty much lying to every person she comes into contact with. Drew has real glasses. I understand that feeling of wanting braces, glasses…diabetes (I know it’s completely strange but my best friend had diabetes and I definitely wanted it at some point when I was little).

SO where does this leave us? Is a straight jacket in order? Or should I run out and get a pair of my own pretend glasses and live it up a little?

Maybe the real problem is this 'do!!!!

Maybe the real problem is this ‘do!!!!

One thought on “Four Eyes

  1. It only lasts until some girl she perceives as being cooler than her tells her she looks silly. Then its on to the next trend.

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