Dear Noah

December 20, 2015

How is it possible that my baby is 3 years old?!?!  Even though it was only a mere three years ago that we were a family of four, I can’t imagine life without you. In these short/long three years you have made your mark on the world, on our family, on my heart. You may be more big boy than baby at this point, but you’ll always be my baby. 
This past year was the first time you started having a life separate from me complete with preschool and drop off classes. With the other two, it was easier to usher them off to these activities because there was a more needy baby in the wings. With you, it has been much harder for me to give up my time with you. I know that it is important for you to go out and navigate the world without me, but I find that I’m holding on a little tighter and it stings a little more than I expected. 
Already your vocabulary is so vast and you are becoming a bonafide person in front of my eyes. This next year is going to be even more dramatic. I cringe as my sweet baby seems to be evolving into a crazy child like his brother and sister. However, the truth is that is all part of your development – testing the limits, learning the difference between right and wrong, etc. it is my job as your mother to help teach you and guide you even if it results in tears (probably more of mine that yours). 
Today we celebrate you (although I think you’re a little confused with this whole birthday thing since we’ve been celebrating for a week so far). We celebrate my baby who lights up all our lives and gives us so much joy.   Best bonus baby ever. 

Your Mommy

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