RIP Winter Break

January 1, 2016

The week before break, I was literally clicking my heels together at the prospect of two weeks of nothing. I was done packing lunches, I was over filling water bottles, and I was sick of doing homework. I envisioned lazy, slow mornings. I dreamt about fun family activities. I pictured snuggling up to movie nights. Fast forward to the last few days of winter break, and I’m a second away from dropping them off at school to camp out until Tuesday (yes, Monday is an institute day – ah!!!).


The reality of these dreams wasn’t exactly what I expected. When will I learn?!?! Lazy mornings turned into children who didn’t want to leave the house. By 3pm, everyone was stir crazy and at each other’s throats, we would have no choice but to drag them out. Ultimately leading to wound up crazy people in the marketplace. We may have been better off at home. Fun family activities have cost me more than a luxurious cruise around the world. Movie nights are filled with fighting over which movies (drastically different opinions of genre) and constant demands for more popcorn and drinks.




I long for the days of screaming to get out of the door five minutes after school started. I’m yearning for my assembly line of sandwiches. I can’t wait to forget library books. And if I don’t start back at my carpooling routine, I may forget the locations of all our after school destinations.

The truth is that I have enjoyed the fun times we have had but we all need a routine, it’s where we do our best. Naps need to be upheld to encourage healthy living. Early bedtimes are not only good for the children’s moods but also good for my marriage. We need to go back to eating healthy home-cooked meals. Our normal life is pretty intense – rush here, go there, and remember all the itty bitty details. It’s nice to take a break from it all. Maybe two weeks was a little too generous of a break though. And right when we get back in the swing of things…we go to Disney World in two weeks for a week! Just think of what a great blog I’ll have then 😉



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