Bah Humbug

December 7, 2015

Every year I blog about how difficult my children make the season of giving. Despite the fact that they are incredibly spoiled and often ungrateful, their behavior last night might have taken the cake to all previous situations in a gift giving/receiving circumstance.

I can make countless excuses why – they were excited, they were anxious, perhaps we didn’t transition them into the environment smoothly enough, etc. etc.  Anyway you slice it, they were completely wound up psychos. Anytime Adam or I tried to get them to calm down or slow down, it just got worse. I’ve often complained that they feed off each other and this was the most obvious example of that. One child was revving the next one up until all three were completely unmanageable.

I thought I was tired three years ago of managing difficult behavior. I had no idea how much harder it continues to get. And I’ve heard these are small problems compared to future big kid problems!!!  I feel like I have dedicated my life to trying to discipline these monsters and raise good people. I’m failing miserably.

In efforts to spare all the gory details. We left the party after dinner, before dessert. We had no choice. We’d threatened it too much to go back. My mother-in-law put time and energy into throwing a nice party. The attendees put time, energy and money into buying my children nice presents. We left early without receiving a single gift and making everyone around us either disgusted with our children or unhappy by the mood the party took from our family dynamic.

It was honestly one of my saddest, most embarrassing parent experiences. And I have had quite a few over the years. I’m walking around in this depressed, frustrated fog that my children are beyond over. Call me Scrooge, call me an name you like but I’ve officially called off Chanukah.

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