Table for Two

November 4, 2015

I’m not one of those crazy moms who wants to home-school their children or keep them home for camp. Generally I’ve believed in a “shoe to butt” method of parenting…kicking them to school or activities as fast as I possibly can. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the time I spend with them, it’s more that it’s so hard and we all do better in our schedules.

Something seems to be different with Noah though. I don’t know if it’s because he is my third, my last. Or maybe it’s just that he’s easier to be with than the other two. Or maybe it’s the fact that I always had a more demanding baby to take care of so life got easier when the older ones were shipped off. Anyway you look at it, I’d prefer to hang with Noah all the time.

This year he started two-day a week preschool. I felt like I had pressure to put him in three days based on his age but I just didn’t want to. Wednesdays are our only day of no programming and I kinda wish everyday was like this. I have so much fun hanging with him, running errands with him and having my little shadow next to me all day. I would never NOT send him to preschool or fun activities but I kinda want to skip it all. I just really enjoy his company and am lonely when he’s not there.

Life is easier flying a solo mission. There’s nobody else to buckle. You don’t have to stop for diaper changes. And I definitely would be able to peruse more. It doesn’t matter how much he slows me down, I want that little sticky hand in mine at all times. Well, maybe not all times 😝

Plus I’ve been teaching him a valuable lesson…always kiss your date at the end of your excursion. I think that might be my favorite part 😘😍

Look at that face!  (No, not my ugly mug)

Look at that face! (No, not my ugly mug)

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