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November 9, 2015

If you pass me on the street and think how did I become so very gorgeous, there are two products I’d have to tell you about that explain it all.

It all started with this magical mascara…Younique. I’ll let you be the judge of it.


Amazing, right??!!

It is this incredible 3D mascara.  I was apprehensive to use at first but it rivals any fake lashes you could possibly use. Just ask Randee Willis about that.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that in my quest for gorgeous lashes, I also started using this amazing serum. You put it on at night like liquid eye liner and they just magically grow!


You may also think as your passing me on the street that I am one incredibly well-accessorized chick. In which case I’d have both Dana Rasof and Rachel Schechter to thank for that.

For anyone who has ever liked a good old fashioned charm bracelet, Keep has totally modernized that look to be cute and trendy.

Even the watch is a charm you can add or take off!!!

Even the watch is a charm you can add or take off!!!

I have never been quiet about my love affair with Stella and Dot. They do such a fabulous job of coming up with timeless statement pieces but also having those cute dainty everyday things that I love to bum around in.

See, I told you I look GOOD..hahahah!

See, I told you I look GOOD..hahahah!

Wow! I’m exhausted from all this loving on Younique, Keep and Stella and Dot. If you’d like to hear more, email me or come to my house this Friday night for a parrrrrtttttttay!!!!

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