September 29, 2015

In a very short time (yes, I have a countdown going) my husband and I will leave our children for 7 days to go on an adult only vacation. Yipppppeeee! In preparation of this grand departure, I have encountered two major challenges.

For one, our schedule! I don’t want to toot my own horn but toot toot. How is it possible to properly convey all the many things going on in a given day that are occupying 99.9% of my brain activity. It’s no wonder that I forget the occasional soccer snack or library book. My kids need to go in about a million different directions in any given day and require something different for each of these variety of activities. It feels like teaching all this to another person is impossible!


The second challenge is a side effect of problem #1. I’m expecting that it may be so challenging for our parents to manage our children and schedules that they will never want to do it again. The pressure to enjoy this alone time enough to sustain us for another ten years is very intense. Sure, we’ll get a random night off here and there or even a weekend…but an entire week?!?! Not sure that’s happening again. I’m already embracing the concept of one of us getting deathly ill or some other catastrophe because this vacation feels a little like a unicorn – imaginary.

As I intensely plan every component of my children’s lives and pack up all the essentials, I’m holding on to this unicorn of a dream. A week full of sun and fun alone with my husband of ten years. I hope the only challenge I face is what Adam and I could possibly talk about for seven uninterrupted days!!!!


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