Say a little prayer for me…

September 8, 2015

I have always traveled with an entourage. I’m not talking about my hair dresser or anyone named Turtle. Rather, my mom and grandparents have been at everything in my life big or small or in between. My biggest cheerleaders and there to support me through it all. Having children didn’t change that, just made my entourage larger. All three of whom would never miss a big baseball game of Drew’s or ballet recital of Gabby’s (and G-d willing something of Noah’s someday).

I have blogged over the years about how special my grandma, in particular, is to me. For one, she and I seem to possess a lot of the same characteristics (for better or worse) and have a lot of the same interests. She and I are often caught giggling on the phone like school girls or I’m rushing to call her with some baking/cooking emergency. She is my mahjong mentor and weight watchers guru – strictly participating in both activities for too many years to count.

Tomorrow morning my grandma (or Nana as I endearingly refer to her) is going to have open heart surgery to replace two of her valves. To say that I’m scared is an understatement. Although she is the sharpest and brightest woman I know, she’s no spring chicken. Surgeries of this magnitude are dangerous for the youngest and healthiest, let alone someone in their eighties. I know there’s a time in my life that I won’t have this person who means more to me than words can properly explain. I’m just not ready for that day to ever come…let alone anytime soon.

If you have ever read or enjoyed a sentence I have put in print, please take a second of your day to think about my Nana. I’m hoping all the good thoughts and prayers can help my Nana through this.


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