Is it time for an upgrade???

September 15, 2015

I have explained my desire to keep Noah my baby. And for the most part, he’s completely on board. He’s happily embraced school in a well-balanced, “mom didn’t mess me up too badly by keeping me the baby” sorta way. There are some things that come with age, or experiencing school, that I’m hesitant to jump on board with. He seems totally fine with that.

He may keep his title as Captain Poopy Pants until college. The thing is that I have gone down both paths on the road to potty training. Drew progressively became more and more potty trained with time when he was ready. It could be the only thing in the history of Drew that has been easy (and eating – 2 points for Drew!). Gabby, on the hand, did that weekend long potty training boot camp. It has been an exhausting road through many accidents and tons of drama. I refuse to do that again. So sign me up for a lifetime supply of diapers! Captain Poopy Pants has no problem with that game plan either!

Now the larger pressing question…when is it time for a big boy bed??? The other two were evicted from their cribs when the next baby came. There was never a conscious decision that the time had come for the upgrade. Noah is not climbing out and seems to have (knock on wood) a universal understanding that a crib is for sleep no matter where one is. Plus, he stays playing in the crib until after 9 most weekend mornings. How great is that?!?!

When he gets to the point that he’s 85lbs and his arms and legs dangle from the crib bars, is that the time you have no choice but to progress to the big boy bed? Would DCFS come around and throw an infraction my way for not providing suitable sleeping conditions for my 2-1/2 year old? Or is it acceptable to apply the “wait and see” model that I intend to apply to potty training? C’mon peanut gallery…now’s your chance 🙂


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