Staycation Success

June 22, 2015

Last week I put my “mom of the year” thinking cap on and spent quality time with my kids each and every day. We were in that conundrum between school and camp and I decided to make the most of it!

In the past I’ve spent a great deal of time dreading it in the anticipation, surviving it while doing it and feeling satisfied once those rugrats were eventually shipped off where they needed to be. This year, however, I put all my concerns aside, and essentially just went on the roller coaster ride.

Despite the immense neglect that went on around my house, poor preparations for the big birthday family BBQ on Saturday, or lack of attention to my fitness regimen – it was great!! Don’t get me wrong, my kids were still themselves. Aliens didn’t infiltrate their bodies and make them easy. Drew was still resistant to every fun activity I planned. Gabby drove everyone crazy with her nonstop shenanigans. And Noah is afraid of his own shadow so my left side is stiff from carrying him around America.

Those things are always going to be our lives or components of our life – or at least at this juncture in our current situation. To expect anything different would be naive. And at this point, I know what I’m working with. I couldn’t be happier to drop them off at camp and resume my life of order, chores and gym time. Our life needs a routine. But I also couldn’t be happier with our week of staycation either. (Well maybe if there was a little less fighting)


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