Dear Gabby

June 26, 2015

You spend your life sandwiched between the oldest and youngest in our family. But right there in the middle, you’ve carved out a special place in our lives and my heart. You have a contagious enthusiasm for everything, an easy going acumen and a flavor for all things feminine. In this crazy world of boys, I’m so glad I have you. 
The days of you being a baby are often clouded in my memory by encouraging you to be independent. I find myself longing for those days now that I have my act together more (at least a little more than I did). You often remind me that you are only four and a half (now five). I need to always cherish these days because before long I’ll be longing for these days. It’s funny that you are the one to have the insight to remind me of that. 
This upcoming year is such a big year for you. You’ll start your road to formal education and full day at that!  I’m sad because although I think this is a good thing for the district and probably a good thing for you, I feel robbed of this last year with you. No longer will I spend rainy afternoons snuggled up with you. I’ll miss having my little partner around but as you have reminded me, you are still little. I’ll try and focus on what I do get to do with you, instead of what I do not. 
I’m so grateful for you and the spunk you bring to our family. Happy birthday to my bestie!!!!

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