Our Trip to Paradise

December 18, 2014

Vacations have a new meaning when accompanied by three children six and under. Vacations do not include relaxation and calm dinners. Rather vacations mean normal (if not more) chaos in a different (usually beautiful) environment. And that is exactly what ours was. I have, however, learned some key things during our adventure.

1. If there’s a car ride that is longer than two hours long, plan for puke.


2. There is no such thing as too much screen time when there are multiple planes, trains and automobiles to get you where you need to go.

3. There’s nothing rewarding about ten days without household chores, but the mountain of laundry awaiting your return.

4. The concept of understating your American look in a foreign country is missed for a six year old who only wears jerseys in whatever state, country or universe he is in.



5. If there’s a chance to escape the children, even if it is for only a short time, TAKE IT! You may need the chance to remember why you liked each other in the first place 😉


6. Dramamine Less Drowsy may not in fact be less drowsy for your children. Embrace the extra nap time.

7. Just because a child knows HOW to walk, may not actually mean that they want/are willing to walk. No matter how steep the hill or how long the hike, carrying an extra 25lbs only makes you feel the burn more.


8. Sibling harassment knows no zip codes.



9. Always hide the markers (lesson relearned last night at home).


10. Home never felt so good, even if you are first returning at midnight 🙂

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