November 10, 2014

I want to have a fourth! Say what?!?! I, by no means, have my act together nor can I handle the three I have, but I yearn to have another baby. Almost every two-ish years for the last seven-ish years, I’ve had babies. Next month Noah turns two, so low and behold I have “the itch.”

We are most definitely not having anymore babies for a million reasons. The largest being that I think it might be possible to have seven babies and still have that same yearning. I’m never gonna get over the excitement and thrill of bringing a human into this world. Instead I’m going to have to be the creepy baby snatcher who is first at my friends’ eager to hold their new babies.

I have said a million ways, a million times how happy I am to be at the stage where I am living life as a five person family. I’m so happy to see my kids get older and appreciate them in different ways. I’m grateful to have my body back and not have to go through the turbulence of pregnancy. I’m loving that my baby is becoming more of a bonafide person each day. I love our current place in life.

That all being said, I will never not be jealous of those whose bellies are blossoming with an unknown human. I will never stop gawking at a baby with their new baby smell. And I think my arms actually ache to hold one of those little things. But I’m beyond blessed and grateful for what I’ve got. Let the reign of the crazies continue at a count of three!!!! IMG_4973-0.JPG

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