August 4, 2014

Over the weekend I pretended that I was in my mid-twenties and spent an evening crammed in with (what felt like) thousands of people drinking watered down drinks while the music was WAY too loud. When did I become an old lady?!?!

I distinctly remember thinking that I would never stop liking the bar scene. The dim lighting, the smell of wood floors soaked with beer, the energy of nightlife – those were all things that I loved about my twenties and never thought I would age out of. Certainly I understood that my ability to stay up late or recover from one too many drinks had changed but that feeling, that love of nightlife, that would never fade…NOT!

Maybe I’m not being completely honest because I am by no means a home body. Not that I don’t enjoy a nice night in, I really love getting all dolled up and going out on the town. What I have learned is that my version of out on the town has changed. A fun party night includes a long dinner, several bottles of wine and most likely (although I’m not completely opposed to) being home by 1 am.

I didn’t have kids and become one of those people who only wants to wear yoga pants and be in bed by ten. And I certainly enjoy a nice adult beverage. But…I also no longer believe in wearing shoes that are not comfortable at the shoe store. I believe that a concert should involve seats, unless we are talking about the lawn. And I most definitely believe that I no longer belong anywhere that might end in a bar brawl with a guy weighing in at 250.

So, I may have “matured” a bit. Or just become a little more of a grumpy old woman. The truth is that I’m thirty-three years old and a good time has changed just a bit…just a bit 🙂


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