Over Scheduled?!?!

July 30, 2014

As we are on the brink of August, thoughts and energy are being focused on plans for the fall. Emails are filling my inbox with reminders to register for a variety of activities. Basketball, ballet, soccer, gymnastics…oh my!

I believe in a world where children’s schedules should be left open for creative play, for riding bikes until dusk, for play dates (or whatever you should/should not call it these days). In my heart I dream of my kids coming home from school, having an apple and carrot sticks for a snack and us sitting around a game board playing. In realty, I spend the hours between school and dinner in a war zone. We are fighting the constant need for snacks every two minutes. We are fighting the constant need for technology (iPad, wii, tv, etc). Absolutely nothing productive or constructive goes on between coming home from school until dinner.

As these classes and leagues dance in front of me like little sugar plum fairies, I am tempted to sign up for each and every one of them. The thought of my children engaging in an activity that they love in a safe and positive way is highly attractive. And despite the fact that we might not be able to send our children to college because I’ve signed them up for too many (expensive) activities, I’m tempted to keep them completely and totally over scheduled.

“Did she just say over scheduled?!?” Gasp!!!! “In my day, children were left with free time.” I’m anticipating everyone’s response to the concept of having my kids so very busy that they don’t have time to get into trouble nor drive me crazy. Of course shlepping them all over the world and managing the other kids who don’t have an activity is enough to do me in too but honestly what is the alternative?! Ok Judgy McJudgerson is going to say to engage with my children and work towards a place of board games and healthy snacks. Judgy, you spend a couple days fighting that uphill battle and you’re going to have Starland on speed dial too!

The truth is that I’m trying to find a happy medium of fun activities to keep the crazies busy but not so many that it makes them (and me) crazier. Not to mention, one of us is still learning to read so I can only imagine the fun blogs I will be writing about homework battles. Oh summer, why must you ever end???

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