Two vs Three (the continual saga)

July 28, 2014

Fact: it’s easier to take care of two kids. Since my boys are on the most amazing baseball trip of a lifetime, I have been holding down the fort with my other two. The two I’ve been caring for are the least independent, most difficult together kids. Even so, balancing two kids is so much easier.

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I always wanted three kids. I’m thrilled I have three kids. My eldest, although he has a difficult personality, is WAY less challenging to handle then the others these days. And two isn’t exactly a day in the park either. But I have 2 hands, 2 eyes and 2 ears. Therefore, taking care of 2 kids, juggling 2 kids is easier.

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This past week I had a garage sale selling off all my baby gear. My mom and grandma both expressed sadness of my baby rearing years being over. Don’t get me wrong, I could easily get myself worked up on how I will never have another baby. That being sad, I can’t help but also rejoice. I’m done with all that gear. My life is no longer transient. This is our family and we can settle into our glorious (or not so glorious as it can be at times) dynamic.

Sometimes I wish I could go in a time machine. Experience what life was like with just one child, relive life with my older two as my only two, etc. The truth is as hard, frustrating and overwhelming as my three are, I’m so glad I have all three. G-d willing my boys will return safe and sound and the madness will start back up. I may not have 3 hands, 3 eyes or 3 ears but my heart is big enough for all 3. And frankly it’d be empty without each one of those stinking crazy people.

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