The Enormity of Play Dates

June 30, 2014

This weekend, per usual, had a revolving door of children come through. Play dates for Drew and play dates for Gabby passed through around the clock. It is a delightful way to spend the day. The kids keep each other busy and leave Mom and Dad alone (well, bother us less at least).

My mom always says that having grandchildren is different than having your own, and not for the reasons most grandparents say. Watching someone else’s children make you more nervous and careful that nothing happens to those children. Well I have found that’s certainly the case when I’m watching other children in my house.

Last night I spent the majority of what should have been sleeping hours, tossing and turning. Nightmares of losing Drew plus play date and Gabby plus play date filled my dreams. All of a sudden the enormity of supervising someone else’s child sunk in. What is normally an easy way to pass the time, became the act of untrusting your most prized possession to someone else.

Once the after effects of this nightmare pass on, I will resume my careless play date schedule. Until then I’m going to hold onto my children a little tighter and appreciate their safety a little more…at least for another second because they are driving me crazy and I think I need to setup a few play dates 🙂


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