Superhero Problems

June 4, 2014

Last night we were reading a book about Spider-Man. Spidey was overwhelmed (yes, even super heroes sometimes get overwhelmed) by all he had on his plate – homework assignments, family obligations, his job at The Bugle and of course the demands of keeping the world safe. I’m no Spider-Man but I could totally relate to his plight!


I don’t know if it’s because the school year is coming to a close or Adam is out of town yet again, but my head is spinning. Dance observation, field day, end of school parties, etc etc. Making sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be in the appropriate gear with the necessary gift or thank you note is turning my brain to mush. Not like my brain was a fine tuned piece of machinery to begin with!

Next week starts the birthdays – Drew first and then Gabby shortly after. So no sooner do we make sense of this end of year mamba jamba that I need to slap into party planner extraordinaire. It’s not just the whole kid party thing, it’s the enormous efforts to make the “day of” special. It’s managing to make sure all elements of the party are ordered, picked up and planned appropriately – all in the variety of fifteen minute increments I have each day.


And then around the time I have all the birthdays in check, I need to reboot and focus on camp. Everything (water bottles, towels, lunch bags, sunscreen) purchased and appropriately labeled, mounds and mounds of food ready for starving children who spent the day running around in sunshine and enough laundry detergent to up my game to 2 or 3 loads a day.

I may be no super mom but I can’t help but relate to Spider-Man. I’m not occupied with the same demands but that doesn’t make my “to do” list any shorter. I guess that just makes me a plain old mom 🙂


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