Dear Gabby

June 26, 2014

Four years…in some ways I can’t believe I’ve ONLY known you four years. In other ways, it feels like you were literally born yesterday.

This has been a hard year – the battle between independence and neediness. I’m sorry if I was frustrated managing these two developmental challenges. In my heart, I’m so proud of the strong independence you exert. In my heart, I love every needy moment that reminds me that you are still my baby. I’m sorry if my overwhelmed feelings got in the way of those sentiments.

As summer/camp began, we have started special Mommy/Gabby Fridays. I have made an effort to forgo the gym and errands to do fun special days with you. I realize now as you are entering pre-k in the fall that you won’t always be around with nothing but time to spend with your old lady. I’m trying to savor our time together because I see the expiration ahead.

When you want, you are the sweetest, warmest little thing. I think those other times when you choose to exercise that other side of your personality, you are struggling with the challenges of your age and placement in the family. I’m sorry if I have done anything to make you feel anything less than how special you truly are.

As we start life as a four year old, I’m so excited to see you continue to learn and flourish in a way I have seen your older brother. This upcoming year was when his interests and education really started to take flight. I cannot wait to see it all happen to my beautiful little bestie.

Happy birthday Princess!
Your Mommy


One thought on “Dear Gabby

  1. You are a terrific mom and I pray that you and Gabby have as beautiful a relationship as you and I have had. I love you both with all of my heart and hope that you have all of the joy that life has to offer.

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