Morning Hell

April 25, 2014

My yoga teacher once mentioned that some people believe that each person has a finite number of breaths. If that’s the case, I have wasted too many on deaf ears!!!

Thank goodness my children aren’t literally but I’d venture to say that deaf children are more responsive to their mother’s cries. I could record “put your shoes and coat on” and put it on repeat because that’s my morning ritual. And no matter how desperate my pleas become, the sense of urgency just isn’t there. Ultimately, there are raised voices, aggravation and ugly sentiments passed around. Then we repeat this the following day.

As much as I tell myself that I will not perpetuate this horrible morning tradition, I seem to fall victim to it every day. At this point, my children’s timeliness is a reflection of me. Nobody expects a 5-1/2 and 3-1/2 year old to be on top of the clock. I try to tell myself that there are worse things than being late, but it irks me in a way that I can’t seem to control (perhaps much like their perpetual tardiness).

Maybe it’s not just about their punctuality, or lack thereof, but about the disrespect of completely ignoring my requests. To hear my demands and continue to play basketball is nothing more than shear disrespect. And no matter how much I elevate my voice or make threats, nothing changes. Then I just find myself getting ugly which ruins my mood and starts us all out on a bad note first thing in the morning.

What’s a mom to do?!?!

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