Winning and Losing

March 3, 2014

Last night on the Oscars, Ellen talked about celebrating the people that didn’t win. A consolation prize for those that were nominated. In the world of Hollywood, just being nominated is probably a pretty significant prize. I, however, come from a world of receiving a trophy for just showing up. And to that notion, I say enoughs enough.


From t-ball to soccer to basketball alike, we celebrate the tie. Goals can be scored, baskets sunk and kids sliding into home plate and we still say “job well done.” These kids may be short in size but they are most definitely not short in brain power. Before kindergarten, but especially now, they have very actively been keep score – adding up their successes and tallying the opponents.

It’s time we start working on what it means to win. This is all coming from the parent whose child is going to throw their body on the floor screaming and crying every time they lose. It’s time to stop ignoring the score and working on what it means. What it means to lose with grace (or not in our case). What it means to win with modesty.

Last evening their were stars who were celebrated by the victories and stars who walked away disappointed. Managing a circumstance like that is an important life skill that everyone must learn. If they are old enough to count their successes, they are old enough to embrace the truth of it all. Sorry J. Lawrence, this year was not your year but you did look beautiful losing.

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