Third Child Issues!!!

March 18, 2014

Noah is 15 months on Thursday and completely and totally not walking. Until about a week ago I would say that he wasn’t even close to walking but the last week he’s made some real “strides” 😉


Everyone I talk to is quick to remind me that with walking comes running. Am I sure that I want him to be walking quite yet? And to that I say absolutely! I’m tired of his yearning to drag his body over every nasty, muddy, snowy surface in America. The bottoms of shoes were meant to touch those surfaces, not hands that end up in his mouth a second later.

Both my other kids were beyond walking at this point. So I’m not used to this. I can’t help but feel partially to blame, actually completely at blame. I have spent the last 15 months with him on my hip or in the infant carrier (which I switched my lightweight shorty out a mere week ago!). He didn’t really start crawling until 11 months for goodness sake!

The doc wants me to start applying for physical therapy. Traditionally I am a strong advocate of anything and everything that involves early intervention. I’m anything but a passive, laid back mom. But the truth is that I have complete confidence that he will walk on his own time frame. Much like his vast vocabulary that I’m constantly prompting him to perform but he refuses because it must be on his agenda. How is it possible to have THREE stubborn strong personalities?!?

In a few weeks when I’m complaining that I literally cannot keep up with the speed of his running, please remind me of this blog. Until then I guess I’ll call Early Intervention 🙁


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