Living with Three (the saga continues)

March 21, 2014

I by no means have my act together. I’d venture to say that I have my act together more than I previously have. An old sage (actually my friend who has three kids older than mine) told me that I was in the trenches and in two years I would get my life (sorta) back. I think I’m halfway there.


The thing is that I’m definitely in a groove. I’ve blogged about how I’m a slow learn. Getting used to one child took me about six months. Getting used to two kids took me about a year. And now having three has taken me about fifteen months.



The shocking part is that I vowed at the beginning of the week to try and enjoy my children more while juggling them alone. And I actually think I did. I won’t say that it’s been all sunshine and rainbows but I’d say it’s been better than tolerable. That’s huge! Now Adam, who I’m always excited to have home, is gonna come home and disrupt this delicate balance I have created. Oh well, I’ll take it!!!

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