Sunny Days Ahead

March 17, 2014

There is something that has been happening during a dual parenting situation, it’s almost too unheard of to even discuss. Shocking in fact. I’m finding myself actually enjoying my kids – gasp!!!!!

I have blogged in many different ways describing the joys, the frustrations and everything in between but I’m not sure I’ve ever come right out and said it. I enjoy my kids more with Adam around. Of course I say this on the eve of Adam leaving for four days. Life is better, tolerable and actually enjoyable with Adam there too. Temper tantrums hurt less. Silly comments are funnier with Adam there to laugh with.

I have gotten to a place where there are some things that are nice about Adam being gone. We have our own schedule, we are much more regimented and get what we have to do done. I run a tight ship and everyone seems to follow along more strictly. There is a flow to our day that goes along with the schedule that works best for the kids which means it works best for me too.

No matter how positive I spin it, even if we only see Adam for five seconds in a day, our days are still better with him in it. This weekend just proved it for me.

As much as I may want to kick and scream and demand him not leave, he has to. And I have to get to a place where I enjoy my children without him. Otherwise I’m wasting too much of my life not appreciating them. It’s just so hard. Life is just sunnier with Adam here and I need to find a way to make it sunny without him even if I don’t like it.


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