Dear Drew,

June 11, 2014

My first born, the child who taught me what it is to be a mom, the child who showed me what it feels like for my heart to walk outside my body. This last year from five to six has been a big one. It seems like you have officially crossed over from toddler days to an adolescent right before my eyes.

Watching you go from preschool to you affirmative school has been eye opening. Seeing you tackle new challenges in a whole new building with a whole new set of friends has been so satisfying. I’m so proud of the energy and enthusiasm you have brought to that new world. I’m so impressed with your resilience and ability to acclimate. It makes me feel that all those worries I had when you were younger were unnecessary since you so beautifully are growing into your own.

You continue to be the leader of this family. And even though I struggle at times to properly convey how important your role amongst your siblings really is, I’m constantly impressed at your tenderness and affectionate nature with our baby. I know that you and Gabby will always have a special bond from your proximity in age. I hope you always use that to be a foundation to lead you towards relationships of love and substance.

This next year takes you deeper into a world of responsibility and value. As you learn to read and write with more fluency, I find that you become more a person with feelings and thoughts. As those feelings and thoughts mature, I am so grateful for the opportunity to guide you and participate in your life.

Thank you for the best six years of my life. You have shaped me into a person who cares about sports scores and likes to watch baseball (at least when you are playing). Thank you for allowing me the chance to be your mom because that has been, and continues to be, the best job I’ve ever had.

Happy birthday!!!

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