Flying Solo

February 12, 2014

I miss my husband. Period. I want him to come home. End of story. But…

Things are going pretty darn well. Of course I just jinxed myself and I’m sure the shit will hit the fan now. As I am about to eat my words, things have been going rather smoothly in his absence.

We eat dinner when it naturally flows with our schedule, rather than me holding the kids off until he gets home insanely late. Bedtime is like an efficiently run assembly line – bathe one, shower the next and bathe the last. There’s a lot of extra energy that comes with Dad’s presence, that our evening seems more (dare I say it?!) calm!!!!

When Adam first took this job, there was no talk about travel. In the nine months he’s been at the job, the travel portion has really picked up. It looks like traveling is possibly going to be 50/50 with his job!!! Not like he doesn’t travel in his normal day, he has to cross state lines for his local days after all!!!

So I’m left with really only one choice – make it work. And I am! I don’t get reviews and validations from this job I am at, but there are times I find little wins. This week, with Adam gone, has felt like a win. I did it! All by my lonesome and I survived to tell the tale. At least this far!


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