Finish line

February 13, 2014

I did it!!! I woke up this morning and felt that final burst of energy, much like the extra push you get in a run when you see the finish line. I sprinted to the end and crossed the finish line!

The truth is that I now know unequivocally that I am physically capable of taking care of my kids all by myself for five consecutive days. My self esteem probably needed this.

However, I still don’t like doing it. I like having lunch with my mom, I like catching up with the hubster at the end of the day and I absolutely love pawning off one of my rugrats to lighten my load.

I can’t help but feel an instant load off when I laid eyes on my mom. Knowing that there’s someone in my corner to help me run this machine is a huge relief. I can never properly verbalize what a joy it is to raise my children with my mom and also know that I have her to lean on if need be.

To spend my days juggling the kiddos, the night keeping the house in order and having very little time to relax could easily take it’s toll. Having Adam there to talk to while I fold laundry, catch a show while I wrap birthday presents, etc makes the task that I’m doing so much less painful. Without his company, I’m just sad.

I just got the best Valentine’s day present, my family is home! Now back to my normal gripes and frustrations…

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