Music Man

January 14, 2014

As much as I detest crawling and the stage where the outlet becomes so exciting that no matter how many times an authority figure pulls the child away from it, they find their way back. There are many things about this same stage that I absolutely love. One of the major milestones my children have each progressed through, was music class.


Noah embarked in his first ever “Mommy and Me” music class. Two children before him have had the experience and in some ways it has become a right of passage. My other two are currently so very…engaging (to put it lightly), that it almost seemed hard to imagine Noah getting anything out of this class. Although the others had started this class around the tender age of one, it seems like he can barely do or say anything…how could he possibly get anything out of a class like this?!


There certainly was plenty of shaking of the tamborines or similar toys. There were a few “dah dah dahs” going on as well. The best part to me was doing something alone with Noah. Having the chance to see him without my peripheral vision on another child. Being able to engage him and only him felt like such a treat.

As Gabby was leaving this morning I told her that Noah was going to do the music class she did (from the age of 1 to 2). She had no memory of this class. For a second I stopped and thought, what am I doing this for when my children can’t even remember the experience. I feel pretty confident that each and everything I do for them helps to shape them. For nothing more, I am doing this for myself. I am doing it so that I can enjoy my child in a child-friendly atmosphere (which the rest of the world is NOT when you are at this given age and ability level). I am doing this so I can clap and sing with my one year old. I am doing this so I can keep both eyes undivided on this beautiful baby boy. And I am also doing it so that I can chat with my friends…but that’s just an added bonus 🙂

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