My wish

November 18, 2013

You know how parents always say.”I hope you have a kid just like you?” I suppose this doesn’t seem as much like a threat if you were known as an easy baby, good child, well behaved teenager. But in my case, and unfortunately my husband’s too, (which maybe accounts for our maniacal children) we were told this as a lingering punishment for the behavior we bestowed on our parents. I, on the other hand, do not wish that for my children.

I hope they have babies who sleep through the night right away. I hope they have babies that love to snuggle but also love to sit in their swings (or the equivalent) while they indulge in a peaceful shower. I hope they have babies who like to hangout in their car seats while they enjoy a meal at a restaurant. And mostly I hope their engagements with their babies are nothing but giggles and kisses.

When their babies progress to the point of mobility, I hope one explanation that the outlet is dangerous will suffice. I hope that their toddler will find away to sign, speak or gesture in a way that they will always comprehend what their child wants. And when their toddler is over tired and/or hungry, they will express that in a calm fashion.

As their toddler ages, I hope they will find their child eager to read books, pretend creatively or work on an art project rather than wanting to use any electronics. When their child brings a friend home for a play date, they will be a polite host. And upon completion of their school day, they will offer up all the details of what they experienced. This is my hope for them.

As their (and my children) age, I’m sure my hopes will grow to include safe decisions, dedication to education and including their parents in their lives. And if my children breed their children like this, they can absolutely count on me for babysitting. On the other hand, if they have children like themselves…count me out 😉

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