Here comes trouble!!!!!!!!!!

November 12, 2013

Whether it’s the sliding glass door or the cord to the laptop, Noah is into absolutely everything. It’s as if his license to scoot, extends out to his license to terrorize. He’s pulling, grabbing, and launching just about everything he can get his little chubby hands on. He’s even perfected his screech so when he’s not grasping what he wants, his piercing scream will get him just about whatever it is he must have. How soon a major crush can turn into a royal pain in your tush.

I clearly wanted him to get to this stage because he wouldn’t be a normal child if he didn’t realize his limbs could get him things, his voice could warrant a reaction and he could go places without log rolling. But it’s not that my life was peaceful before we suddenly entered this stage. So in between the demands of my other two, I have now taken to juggling this baby. And not juggling in the sense of fitting him into the equation, literally juggling him (right hip, left hip, lap, up in the air, repeat).

My least favorite stage of parenting has been the crawling frenzy. Once it occurs to the child that they can have some sort of independence, they want it every second they can. It doesn’t matter if you are in a restaurant, at an airport, etc. they want DOWN!!! And they will squirm, scream or jump until they get where they want to go. For a germ phobic person, such as myself, this stage can be a nightmare. A few days ago I caught Noah sucking on the very same boots I wore all over New York City! BLECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are now going to have to enter a new boot camp. I consider the first eight weeks with a baby EXTREME boot camp. During that time, parents are experiencing boot camp because never before have they been more overwhelmed and sleep deprived. This time, however, Noah is entering boot camp. As much as I dislike the time when they are uneasy on their feet and running everywhere, it’s pretty much a day in the park to crawling. So Noah, it’s game time. You must walk ASAP. We are going to do squats and lunges around the clock to get these legs muscular and ready for some serious walking. I think I have my work cut out for me…

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