Sick Day

October 21, 2013

Back in the day when I was gainfully employed, I used to feel a little excitement when my kids would get sick. It’s not that I wanted them to not feel well. It’s that I loved staying home and taking care of them.

As a stay at home mom, having a sick kid becomes an extra juggling act. How do you get two kids to different destinations and to walk in hours at the doctors office all at the same time? How do you care for one while shlepping to all the different places in a day? How do you keep the sickness from spreading throughout the house. Maybe it’s not being a stay at home mom that makes this a challenge. Maybe it’s just another example of how things are even more complicated with three kids.

Noah is a third child by all definition. Minus his horrendous colic as a newbie, he is my easiest baby. He just goes with the flow. Recently he’s been falling apart in the night because he’s not getting the good naps during the day that he needs. Another example of how it’s hard being the third. It was no surprise to me when he loudly demanded bedtime at a ridiculously early time. However it was a huge surprise at 11pm when he had a 103 fever! With my other two, they had seventeen fevers before their ten month birthday because they were in daycare. And despite he not feeling well, he was still as sweet and happy as ever. That’s my third baby for you!

But now I’m in the grind of making sure everyone else stays healthy, he’s properly snuggled and cared for, plus everyone gets where they are going. Needless to say, it’s not an easy feat. I do, however, remember the distant memory of calling a boss to say I can’t come in and trying to get coverage with work pending. This current stay at home life may not be easy but it’s not easy either way. And although I didn’t exactly score a day away from work to be with my baby, I did score some extra snuggles that I wouldn’t otherwise have.


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