Play Dates Revised

October 18, 2013

We’ve recently entered a new world of socialization. The world of play dates. I’m not talking about an arranged gathering of two moms who like each other and force their children to play. I’m not talking about a forced get together with a mom you don’t know that well but your kids like each other. I’m talking about an email from some adult you’ve never met before requesting a play date that doesn’t include you. WHAT?!?!

So far I’ve been hosting a revolving door of kindergarten kids at my house. Some I have gotten to know while dropping off or picking up the kids or through mutual friends. And although those situations are more comfortable, it’s still a child who you don’t know very well that you are responsible for. It’s still a child who prefers certain snacks, doesn’t like dogs or isn’t required to go to the bathroom upon entrance in the house as part of their rules.

Most of the time, it’s an hour or hour and a half of Drew having someone to play with. Not too shabby, right? But then there are times when they can’t seem to get going and play with anything. Or one wants to play inside and the other wants to play outside. One wants to play with legos while the other wants to play basketball. Then it turns into an extra child I have to manage on top of the three children load I normally have. Oy!!!

But then there are those days where you feel comfortable enough to ship away your child to their house. There are those days where you have an extra hour to an hour and a half with one less child to juggle. Or you have a play date over at your house that is the most low maintenance, easy child who keeps your high maintenance child busy. And all of a sudden everything seems right in the world. You praise whoever came up with the idea to set two five year olds up to drive each other crazy and stay out of your hair. It almost makes those other times worth it for the moments where the art of play dates just work.

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