October 3, 2013

In efforts to free up some space and bring in some extra ca$h, I’ve been purging some of our baby stuff. In many ways I’m happy to be rounding this corner and grateful to be passed the turbulence of having a newborn. In many ways I’m also really sad.

I looked at the swing that I am attempting to sell and mentioned to Adam how that swing has gone through three babies. Sigh, sniff, tear. Adam very nicely reminded me that all three children spent more time screaming in that swing than happily swaying. I think my nostalgic feelings were clouding my actual perception yet again.

I will forever be that weird lady who yearns to touch a stranger’s baby. I guarantee that I will take a long hard sniff of every friend’s baby trying to absorb all that new baby smell. I know that I will always melt at the sight of a baby, let alone grasp of one. I promise I will also tell under slept, over worked mommies to enjoy every minute because it goes too fast (‘cuz it does!!!).

Despite all of that, I’m happy to be at this new juncture in my life. The last ten years of my life have been full of change and growth. They have been the happiest ten years. But I’m excited for the chance for some stability. For us to grow in this life we’ve built. For us to develop traditions that bind us as our family of five.

So I say adios baby gear. Sionara, it’s been fun but the fun has only just begun.

9 Months never looked so good 🙂

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