October 1, 2013

Thanks to some very brave grandparents in less than one month Adam and I will leave our suburban paradise. We will spend four days in an urban oasis far from the land of rugrats. Mom and Dad are heading out of dodge on an adult only excursion!!!!!

When the concept was first suggested I immediately shot it down. How could I leave my children for longer than an evening away? The pain, the agony…and then two seconds passed an a wave of utter euphoria swept over me. Could it, would it work? Is it even possible?!?!

It’s no secret that my mom is a huge help in raising my kids. It’s no surprise to her that Gabby likes to smother Noah or Drew must win every game or we all suffer. But it’s another thing entirely to manage them for four days in a row without reprieve. When she instantly stepped up to the plate with the offer, I was a little concerned that she underestimated the difficulty and overestimated her super powers. After weeks of reassurance, or the second time she said yes so she wouldn’t change her mind, we booked the trip!!!

In the weeks to come I’m sure I will go through a variety of emotions – most consisting of excitement. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried, mostly for the well-being of my parents. These kids can really run an adult ragged. But I know there won’t be a second that my children won’t be cared for with the most love. And the best prize for my parents is when we finally come home and they can send these little crazy people home and recover for about two weeks 🙂

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