I’m Failing…literally

September 17, 2013

Nobody is going to be shocked when I say that I’m overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by having three kids. I’m overwhelmed by having an absentee husband. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of laundry I must do in a given week. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of groceries I must buy weekly. The list goes on and on and on. What is surprising to me is that I’m overwhelmed by kindergarten!!!!

Hello, I have a college degree…how tough can kindergarten be?!?! In addition to the mere ability to get Drew to kindergarten on time (which I failed today – doh!) and picked up on time, it’s the many details of kindergarten. We have a packet of “extra” homework, we have a packet of math homework, we have a packet of language arts homework. He has random assignments that come in his folder. He has weekly library books that need to come and go. The list seems to go on and one (like EVERYTHING else in my life).

Our first solid attempt at attacking homework resulted in Gabby destroying the house and harassing the baby. The baby pooped himself which ended up all over Gabby too. During clean up, Drew spilled all over his monthly packet. At the end of our homework session, we were all in tears, all in need of a shower and we had made minimal progress on the stinking packet. How am I supposed to help him start good homework habits this way?!?!

I almost lost him one day from picking him up late. We had to enter through the office today because we were tardy(he isn’t the one who gets us out the door, if that was his job we’d all still be in our pjs). I can’t even convey the importance of being punctual at school because I can’t get my act together!

So right now Mom is getting a big fat F. We need a better attack plan with this stuff. Although kindergarten is a couple hours a day, we can work now to set up good habits. This means that he needs to understand the importance of doing his assignments (perhaps in a peaceful environment that encourages quality work). He needs to learn the value of being punctual to school (perhaps a few minutes early to gather his thoughts and focus himself before needing to focus). I understand this all from a conceptual basis, hell I graduated college! Now if I could just find a way to get this system to function in our life. Hm….

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