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August 27, 2013

My brain has become absolute mush. You know that Tasmanian devil that spins around and around, that is my head all the time these days. At any given moment I could have a panic attack over which child I forgot, where I’m supposed to be or what I’ve neglected. I’m afraid that this is just the beginning of the end.

“Hey crazy lady, did you realize that you weren’t exactly sharp prior to now?” Um…yeah but it keeps reaching new levels that I didn’t expect possible. “Well, you do have three kids. Did you expect that to be easy?” Although I have three kids, one kid requires no extra scheduling at this point. What’s going to happen when he has classes and play dates compounded on these other two crazy schedules I’m balancing?!?!

These past two weeks have included “Meet and Greets,” open houses, curriculum nights, starting activities, some activities on hold until after labor day, play dates with preschool friends, play dates with new classroom friends, play dates with family friends, lunches with family, rushed lunches in the car, errands, gym…and that’s the short list! I’m not sure if I’m coming and going most days.

Recently the classrooms that my children are in have been looking for class moms. That was totally one of the those things that made me cry whenever I thought about being a working mom. How was I ever going to help out in that capacity? How was I ever going to be able to participate in the field trips? Now I shake in my boots (or flip flops as the case may be) at the shear mention because I don’t know how I could possibly get my act together for anything more than just having my kid show up. Bring in paper goods? How am I gonna get to the store, let alone remember to bring them the day of? Party ruined thanks to this mom right here.

If we make it through a given day, all children accounted for (yesterday was a failure on this front – doh!), all children bathed and fed (possibly another failure – double doh!), and tucked away in their beds (questionable here), all I have the energy to do is crash. The brain power alone, not counting the shlepping, is enough to do anyone in! It is official, my brain is mush. And the worst part is that I don’t even have a good excuse.

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