August 28, 2013

My wonderful, extremely missing in action these days since he took a job in Wisconsin, husband asked to golf on Saturday. On my day “off”???? The nerve…

I expect evenings where I can jet from the family chaos and occasionally have a meal with other people where there are conversations and slow consumption of food. It’s not like this happens frequently but occasionally I’d like the opportunity to do so. I need my time at the gym to burn off steam from dealing with these monsters day in and day out. I even have the nerve to run out for a quick mani/pedi (although I don’t seem to be able to fit it in often enough for my taste).

Adam is pretty much leaving the house around 5:30am and not returning back until sometimes as late as 7pm. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s putting in hours in the evening and on weekends too. I’m sure that he is finding this schedule exhausting and grueling, as I FOR SURE am. But I expect those hours of peace and quiet alone in a moving vehicle “his time.” I am “nice enough” (really, too crazed to have a phone conversation during waking hours with my rugrats) to leave him alone so he is able to listen to his podcasts, catch up with friends on the phone or space out which he does so very well.

While we have all adjusted to this new lifestyle, I have gained a few more tasks on my plate than I would otherwise like. And the jobs I am unwilling to take over, sit there uncompleted. As annoying as all this is, I revel in the fact that he is loving the work he is doing, motivated beyond comparison and bringing home a few extra bucks.

Now this is where I draw the line…GOLF!!!!!!!!! I have always disliked golf because it is never just a morning out, a brief afternoon interlude, it’s a full day away from us leaving me to take care of these monsters solo like I do Monday through Friday!

This man who goes off galavanting Monday through Friday believes that he has the right to have some outlet besides work, besides the kids and deserves a day of GOLF?!?! Can you believe the nerve of this guy? Good news, Drew is eight weeks into his golf lessons…guess who’s coming with Dad 🙂

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