July 16, 2013

You know how you never really feel like a grown up? Like two mortgages, two cars, three children should be a pretty good sign that I’m grown up but I still keep expecting someone to march through the front door and override me (and no I’m not talking about what my five year old does everyday). Anyway, I feel just like that with this blog. I talk about stuff going on with me, stuff interesting to me or whatever pops into my head. And surprisingly enough people read it!!! I’d love to become a big time blogger or writer of sorts in the future but who really knows (for all I know my mom is driving around the country clicking on my blog so I feel like people are reading it, and don’t think that she wouldn’t do that!).

Recently, however, I fell upon an opportunity with Jockey (#jockeybra)! So cool!!! And it all came because you people (or at least Cheryl, thanks lady!!) read my blog! Which, much like being grown up, is hard for me to believe at times.

This is not another self-deprecating blog…boo hoo Noah has it rough…boo hoo I stink at mothering, you get the gist. I mean, I sorta get it. I talk about real life CRAPOLA that you can either relate to, judge me or sympathize (or maybe sometimes feel WAY better about yourself and your situation after reading). I certainly cannot forget those of you who just love me and want to stay tuned into my life because communicating with me usually entails me rambling on your voicemail 🙂

The thing is that this upcoming opportunity gives me some benefits (as if writing down the most painful parts if parenting wasn’t rewarding enough) and continues to diversify my blogging network!!! So stay tuned as my Jockey (#jockeybra) experience continues!!!!!

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